Sales Incentives

Your sales team exists to drive revenue growth, but it needs to generate a positive return on investment. We help companies maximize their sales force investment through competitive benchmarking, incentive plan assessments, incentive plan design, sales plan implementation and metrics that support your business strategy. Our assessment process starts with understanding your company's model for growth and go-to-market strategy. We then interview your leadership team to gain a better understanding of the current sales compensation plan and what needs to change.

From there, we examine how your sales force is organized. Do the jobs and roles support your business strategy? Are they meeting your customer needs? Have these jobs evolved as your go-to-market strategy has changed?

We work with you to develop design alternatives and model how these plans will work under different business scenarios. We then compare past results with the projected incentive payout of each performance scenario. We design plans that support the economics of your business and limits any unwanted turnover.

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