Executive Compensation

Executive compensation plans are designed to reward outstanding performance, manage risk, support the business strategy and retain talent.

Executive Search

We can expedite your hiring process and ultimately help find the best available executive match for your company. Our goal is to successfully complete your executive search within 60 days or less.

Workforce Compensation

For many businesses, compensation and benefits are the largest expense. Many clients tell us they are not satisfied with their return on this investment and the high cost of turnover.

Sales Incentives

Your sales team exists to drive revenue growth, but it needs to generate a positive return on investment. We help companies maximize their sales force investment through competitive benchmarking, incentive plan assessments, incentive plan design, sales plan implementation and metrics that support your business strategy.

Expert Testimony

The complex ownership structure of many businesses and how dividends and executive compensation are determined make it inevitable that some disputes will arise. Overture has extensive experience presenting and defending its expert conclusions and opinions in depositions and trial testimony. We have many years of experience, a proven methodology and survey data to support our findings and recommendations.

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